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What's The Biggest Problem For
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners?

The biggest problem entrepreneurs and business owners have is that they don't know what their biggest problem is. If you find yourself trapped between stagnating sales, staff turnover, and unhappy customers... 

What Do You Fix? 

What Do You Fix First? 

Every issue seems urgent,  but there's no way to address all of them at once. 

The Results?

The results is a business that continues to go in endless circles putting out urgent fires and prioritizing the wrong things.

We Want To Help! 

Start with a FREE Fix This Next Business Evaluation to discover your Businesses Vital Need. 

Key Elements To Address

Based on the Business Hierarchy Of Needs, these are critical.

Sales Performance

Sales is the foundation of your business, without sales not much else is going to happen. This is your base.

Profit Equation

Profit is the retention of money. It's critical to your business growth and lifestyle. It's the creation of stability for both.

Order & Control

Achieving Organizational Order gives the business autonomy. It's the creation of efficiency, & not dependent on anyone person.

Impact & Legacy

Moving  from transactional to  transformational and able to leave the business to continue on it's own.

Proven Business Performance System

Get Traction In Your Business

Working With A Business Coach Is An Investment In Yourself & Your Business

There are hundreds of Professional Sports Teams, that generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. 

Everyone of those Professional Sports Teams has a paid coaching staff who's sole purpose is to increase individual and team performance, guide them to their full potential and get an ROI for their ownership group. 

Businesses are no different, and coaching works the same way.

Coaching will increase your business performance, growth and help it reach it's potential.

Richard Branson , Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins have coaches. Even Buddha had a coach. None of these people got to where they are on their own. They realized early on that they would get more out of themselves if they had the support, advice and accountability of a coach. 

You will too.

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What's being said about Business Coaching?

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How Coaching Works 

Confidence and Mindset is important, it's normal to feel fear or discomfort when faced with learning something new or facing a challenging situation. I understand that, and I provide support and guidance to help my clients take the necessary steps.

As Your Performance Coach

Once we have identified that we are a good fit, I'll help you with:

Business Analysis & Discovery: Together we will do a business analysis, discuss your biggest problems and challenges and discover what is the most impactful thing we can do to help your business.

Training, Tools and Process: Together, we'll work through a systematic process designed to move your business to the next level. I'll also provide proven tools, strategies and techniques to help you get things done.

Perspective and Feedback: You can't see the whole picture when you're stuck inside the frame! Part of my role is to provide an outside perspective, a mirror to help you see things you may not be aware of.

Accountability for Action & Performance: While a coach can’t do your push-ups for you, the coach can help you to do more and better quality push ups. I will be your accountability partner & supporter.

We are confident that our coaching process, methodology and strategic planning will get you results we Guarantee it.

Larry Wedgewood Coach

Larry Wedgewood


Certified Advisor

What People Say About Larry

Incredible Knowledge

Larry has been invaluable to myself as well as others here at our store.  If it was not for Larry’s patience and knowledge I can honestly say I would have quite my job. 

Stand in for Marilyn Toll

Marilyn Toll

Manager, Spirit River

Above The Bar

With  Larry taking the time to teach me the correct way to get things done has helped me more than I can say. I feel very fortunate to have worked with you 

Carol Cook Fountain Tire Manager

Carol Cook

Office Manager, Kelowna

Energetic & Passionate

Larry had the knowledge and drive to get things done and his presentation / people skills were second-to-none which enabled him to achieve a high level of buy-in from front line staff and management alike.

Gilles Prefontaine

Gilles Prefontaine

Senior Leader, Edmonton

Mike Michalowicz


One of the tools in our coaching tool box is the "Fix This Next" methodology and process. Which Mike has written a book on. 

We are proud to be partnered with Mike Michalowicz and adopt his mission of "Eradicating Entrepreneur Poverty"


From Mike Michalowicz 

"Larry and his team are certified in the Fix This Next Process. They have the tools, methodology and experience to find the exact Fix your business needs right now. 

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, runs 2 multi-million dollar companies and is the author of Fix This Next, Clockwork, Profit First... and more.

Fix This Next Book Cover

Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business.

Download 63 pages of the book, FREE and start using it as your guide.

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