Why Offer Complimentary Coaching Sessions?

We believe there's no better way to prove that our Business Coaching Methodology can help you grow your business.

Some people don't enjoy or buy into Business Coaching while it's been an absolute game changer for others. We don't believe it's right for us to accept any payment unless you first decide that business coaching is a good fit and we are a good fit and you see the potential results first. We always want to do what's right,  so that's why we offer FREE Coaching sessions.

Will My Information Be Protected?

Absolutely! We will always do what is right. Before any of your business information is shared with us we will provide you with a signed Non- Disclosure Agreement. We will never discuss or disclose any of your personal or business information to anyone. Our goal is to become a trusted adviser and we will not jeopardize that for any reason.

How Do I Get Started?

You start with an introductory and information session with your coach typically done via a Zoom online meeting, or a on the phone, this call is usually between 15-30 mins.

This introductory meeting will set up the much more comprehensive and in-depth 90 - 120 minute Complementary Coaching Session, this is where you will learn what your development and growth potential is and we will show you the kind of additional money you should expect to earn.

If you feel Business Coaching is a fit, we will then present a fee structure and review the coaching agreement. If you are not prepared to move forward with Elite Business Coaching, that's OK, this may not be for you or it may not be the right time, we understand, no sales pressure, and no hard feelings.

What Is The Cost?

Every business, and their challenges are unique. Once the business analysis, evaluation and Complementary Coaching Session  is completed we will present a cost structure that is customized specifically to you, your business and your situation.

We work on a minimum 10-1 ratio. This means for every dollar you pay we strive to make you 10 times more. Often we can achieve higher ratios depending on the business and their challenges.

How Long Are The Coaching Sessions?

Coaching sessions are typically 2 hour 1 on 1 live virtual sessions weekly. Topics action items will be identified and an action plan implemented or adjusted as necessary. Each session will follow an agenda based on our discussions and action plans. Coaching agreements are usually 6 to 12 month in length.

Are There Shorter Coaching Agreements?

The coaching agreements are just that, agreements. They run on a month to month basis with 30 days notice of cancellation.  However a 6-12 months duration is typically the time that is needed to make changes and accomplish the desired results depending on the business and their challenges.

How Do I pay?

Once a coaching agreement has been established and agreed to, typically the first and last months payment is charged to a credit card, however other method of payments can be arranged. Then every month going forward a monthly payment is made. We ask for a 1 month notice of cancellation.

Request a Information Session

To get a better feel if Business Coaching is something you think you'd consider request an information session to more depth and insights. Of course these sessions are no charge.

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