Managing Your Business in a Recession

Take The Money!

Across the world, governments are putting billions into funding small

businesses. You may or may not agree with how they’re doing it, but if there’s cash available, take it. Even if you don’t need it right now. Take it. Cash is King.

In the UK, (Canada and USA have something similar) the government is guaranteeing business interruption loans from the banks. The next VAT quarter’s payments have been postponed and, as far as anyone can tell, they are agreeing to postpone most current tax, VAT payments if you ask. 

In the USA, the April 15 tax payment deadline has been extended by 3 months. In most countries, you can take a three-month mortgage break. 

Take it for yourself and bear it in mind for your staff if you’re feeling guilty about paying them less. Make sure they’re educated on everything they can claim too.

All of these schemes are somewhat chaotic because they’re being run by politicians, not Entrepreneurs. But be patient, beaver away with the paperwork and

Take The Money!

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Larry Wedgewood
Larry Wedgewood

I'm a Business Performance Coach with a passion for Life & Business, and the Founder / Owner of Elite Business Coaching. I have over 30 years of experience with business and interpersonal skills development, coaching, training, and public speaking. I am a positive, high-energy, entrepreneur who has a passion for developing people with the belief that I dramatically improve anyone's situation.